About us

The Boston Digital Humanities Consortium is an informal association of educational and cultural institutions in New England committed to the collaborative development of teaching, learning, and scholarship in the digital humanities and computational social sciences.

The Consortium formed in August, 2012 to pursue shared funding opportunities; organize a series of events; network with digital humanities centers, organizations, and societies worldwide; and encourage local discussion of digital humanities and related topics.

Our plans call for developing a formal governance structure in Spring, 2013; organizing shared courses on topics in the digital humanities and computational social sciences in Fall, 2013; and expanding membership outside the Boston, Massachusetts, metropolitan area, in Spring 2014.

Interested individuals and institutions worldwide are welcome to join our mailing list, attend our events, comment on our activities, follow us on Twitter (@Boston_DH) or contact us for any reason.  And if you want to show your Boston DH pride, visit our storefront.

Contact Us

For more information about BostonDH, to ask questions, or make suggestions, contact Boston DH administrator David Wedaman at 781-736-4548 or email wedaman@brandeis.edu.

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