DH Syllabi

We’re beginning a repository of syllabi from local DH courses.  To contribute yours, contact David Wedaman.

  1. Digital Dubliners Assignment
    Lindsay Whitacre
  2. Travels in the Digital Humanities
    Carol Chiodo
  3. Digital Humanities Spring 2013
    John Unsworth
  4. Digital Humanities: Topics, Techniques, and Technologies Spring 2013
    Kurt Fendt
  5. Doing Digital Humanities Graduate Seminar Spring 2013
    Ryan Cordell
  6. Technologies of Text Fall 2012
    Ryan Cordell
  7. Literary Studies Becoming Digital Fall 2011
    Augusta Rohrbach
  8. Nineteenth-Century American Religion: A Digital History Seminar (draft)
    Lincoln Mullen
  9. Visualizations in the Humanities: From the Cabinet of Curiosities to the Geoparser Fall 2013
    Steven Lubar, Massimo Riva, and Jean Bauer


DH syllabi are also collected by the CUNY Academic Commons.

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