DH: The Next Generation Conference

“Digital Humanities: The Next Generation” is sponsored by the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science and will be hosted on their Boston campus Friday and Saturday, March 15 and 16, 2013.

This two-day symposium will focus on the work of younger digital humanities scholars in New England — graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty — in order to showcase their work and introduce them to each other and to the community. Presentations on DH tools, resources, and projects will alternate with facilitated discussions on salient themes, like “DH and graduate education,” “Varieties of DH,” “DH and the creative arts,” etc. Our goal is to put together a program that is both compelling and rewarding for the next generation of DH scholars. We’ll encourage presenters to consider hands-on (or technology-intensive) and “flipped” presentations (with introductory material offered online, in advance, and the symposium content more hands-on and project-focused). We also plan to propose a special issue of DHQ, based on article versions of the best materials produced for this event. Finally, we’re also coordinating with Ryan Cordell, who is organizing a separate DH-oriented event, “Days of DH,” a few days afterward at Northeastern, and expect to circulate a joint call for proposals shortly.

Please let David Wedaman (wedaman@brandeis.edu) or John Unsworth (unsworth@brandeis.edu) know if you are interested in participating, whether as a presenter, a moderator, or just by suggesting a topic for a session. Collaboratively led presentations and discussion sessions are welcome.

A special thank-you to Michelle Cloonan, Candy Schwartz, Bethany Fair, and everyone at Simmons GSLIS for their help and encouragement in making this event possible.