Mediating Public Spheres: April 4 – 6

Upcoming colloquium from Five Colleges DH:

Mediating Public Spheres: Genealogies of Feminist Knowledge in the Digital Age

Sponsored by Five College Women’s Studies Research Center Locations include Amherst College, Hamsphire College, and Mount Holyoke College.
Confirmed keynote speakers include Lisa Nakamura, Susan Squier, Alex Juhasz, Anna Balsamo, and Jackie Stacey, among others.

This symposium marks the twenty-first year of the Five College Women’s Studies Research Center by celebrating the work of Research Associates, Five College faculty, students, and community partners in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies across the disciplines. This interdisciplinary, transnational symposium seeks to create opportunities for sharing ideas about current work in progress and new approaches to integrating media in the (re)emerging areas of WGS, including feminist science and technology studies, intersectionalities, queer and sexuality studies, global feminisms, and visual, film, and media studies. Major questions guiding the symposium include:

Who constitutes public spheres in the digital age?

How does academic research in the (re)emerging fields intersect with debates about access and applicability in public spaces?

Who participates in the transmission of knowledge and cultural production? To what end?

What are the implications of delivering knowledge from one generation of the digital divide to the other?

What are the effects of virtual means of transmission on the materiality of lives?

What are the pivotal means to incorporate digital media in feminist scholarship and practice?