NEDH Calendar

We now have a regional DH calendar you can use to advertise your DH events, or to see what’s happening in the local digital humanities world.

It’s a Google Calendar account with the owner “”

You can see it in your own Google calendar by adding the name above in the “add a friend’s calendar” box. You can also view it online (embedded in a WordPress page) at:

If you’d like to add your events to it, you have a choice: you can ask Hailie Posey or David Wedamanfor administrative access (if you will have a lot of events to add), or you can send us the event details and we’ll add it for you (if you only have one or two).

Feel free to link to it or otherwise embed it where you think it will be helpful. Let me know if you’d like the XML feed, the HTML url, the embed code, etc.

Many thanks to Hailie and fellow members of the Learning Organization Academy DH team who put the calendar together and have been helping add events: Kathryn Tomasek, Rebecca Darling, and Zachary Davis.