ReMEDIAting Flusser November 1 – 3

The University of Connecticut invites us to the ReMEDIAting Flusser symposium, November 1 – 3.

From the symposium web site: The ReMEDIAting Flusser symposium seeks to bring together scholars in media studies, art and cultural studies and international Flusser specialists to dialogue about Vilém Flusser’s work, his philosophy, and to engage each other in discussions on the arts and humanities in a digital age. As a Digital Humanities project, this symposium seeks to take Flusser scholarship and the representation of Flusser’s work one step further: for three days, participants will work collaboratively to create a script to reMEDIAte Flusser’s main ideas and concepts online. The final product will be published online in a multi-media format using Scalar in order to explore new forms of digital scholarship.