THATCamp Jewish Studies, December 15

If you’re a scholar or student of Jewish Studies who is working with
technology or who would like to learn more about how technology can
support your scholarship and/or teaching, come to the second *THATCamp
Jewish Studies in Boston, MA from 9am-12:30pm on Sunday, December 15,
2013*, sponsored by theAssociation for Jewish Studies
<>and held in conjunction with its annual
meeting. THATCamp, The Humanities and Technology Camp, is an open,
inexpensive “unconference” where humanists and technologists of all
skill levels learn and build together in sessions proposed on the
spot. THATCamps strive to be fun, collaborative, and productive, and
THATCamp Jewish Studies will be no exception.Last year
<>in Chicago, participants
learned to use the web publishing software Omeka in a hands-on
workshop, heard from the creators of the DigiBaeck archive, and
discussed what aspects of digital humanities do and don’t pertain to
Jewish Studies; this year in Boston (as always at this
participant-driven event), we can do or discuss whatever you think is
most interesting or useful.Registration
<>for THATCamp Jewish
Studies is open to everyone, including non-members of the AJS, and the
cost is*free*if you are registered for the2013 AJS conference
<>. There will be a minimal charge
of $15 (payable when you arrive at THATCamp Jewish Studies) if you are
not registered for the AJS conference.

Register <>.